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OMNI Cannabis Staffing is an all-encompassing employment solution focused exclusively on the cannabis industry and its unique staffing challenges. Omni, from the Latin word Omnis, meaning “all,” truly encompasses all that we offer our clients, from entry-level to executive-level positions.

The Omni Cannabis Staffing team brings a “we can solve that challenge” attitude to every client’s project. Our experience includes over 15 years of creating staffing solutions for industrial & commercial construction clients. We specialize in providing employment solutions for remote locations with site-specific staffing requirements.

Offering both temporary and permanent labour solutions
Focused on all industry sectors including medical marijuana, recreational cannabis, extraction and industrial hemp
Qualified personnel to fill various positions including human resources management, specific to the Cannabis industry
Employment solutions for cultivation, production, processing, extraction, dispensaries and more
All of our candidates are pre-qualfied and screened, ensuring your business runs smoothly

Canadian Market Projected Growth

The cannabis market forecast is said to grow to CAD$9.2 billion by 2025 within Canada (newfrontierdata.com). This means, lots of new jobs and there is no better time than now to find your place in the world’s hottest industry! With new opportunities available every day, this is a market that can not be ignored.

OMNI Cannabis Staffing is Canadian owned and operates from regional offices to provide our clients with unparalleled staffing services. Our goal is to significantly improve our clients’ performance through innovative and service-oriented workforce solutions tailored to meet every individual clients’ needs.

4.7 Billion by 2023
3.8 Billion by 2022
2.6 Billion by 2021
1.6 Billion by 2020


Omni Cannabis Staffing Ltd. is a full-service employment agency that provides staffing solutions for the cannabis industry. Omni Cannabis Staffing Ltd does not engage directly in the production, manufacturing, planting, cultivation, growing, harvesting, preparation, propagation, compounding, processing, dispensing, delivery, or distribution of any controlled substance.

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What We Offer Our Clients

At OMNI we always strive to provide professional staffing solutions to our business partners for mutual growth and success. We conduct this through quality employment opportunities for our employees and recruits.
Commitment to Safety

Dedicated to meeting and exceeding the safety standards set forth by the Workers Compensation Board of Alberta and Worksafe BC.

Financial Value

Streamline and alleviate costs, while allowing your company to align production goals more closely to your operating budget


We strive to provide professional staffing and recruitment solutions to our business partners for mutual growth and success.

Peace of Mind

Temporary Staffing allows our clients to meet the challenges and face the opportunities that are shaping today’s cannabis industry.

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